mixmaster 3.0 patched for libressl
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HISTORY (29772B)

      1  1998/1999           2.9   written from scratch.
      3 1999-04-14      2.9beta0   public preview release.
      5 1999-05-17      2.9beta1   Bug fixes (remix, OpenPGP encryption, FreeBSD
      6                            name conflict); Win32 DLL.
      8 1999-05-18      2.9beta2   Install bug fixes. -N and -n options renamed.
     10 1999-05-19      2.9beta3   OpenSSL-related bug fix. Type 1 remailer fixes
     11                            (pointed out by <kev@drule.org>).
     13 1999-05-20      2.9beta4   Read and generate OpenPGP encrypted secret keys.
     15 1999-05-20      2.9beta5   The client sent messages if PGP encryption failed.
     17 1999-05-28      2.9beta6   Message-ID generation bug fixes. Contributed by:
     18                            Johannes Kroeger <hanne@squirrel.owl.de>.
     19                            Remix-To bug fix.
     21 1999-06-09      2.9beta7   More (minor) remailer and Install script fixes.
     23 1999-06-10      2.9beta8   Regular expression bug fix. Thanks to Johannes
     24                            and Kevin for help with debugging!
     26 1999-07-20      2.9beta9   Bug fixes (remailer, nym creation).
     28 1999-08-03      2.9beta10  Fix for buffer overrun error.
     29                            "Chain:" pseudo-header may contain the number of
     30                            copies like this: `Chain: *,*,*,*; copies=3'
     32 1999-09-09      2.9beta11  Support MIME attachments and OpenPGP/MIME in the
     33                               client.
     34                            Do not select cpunk remailers if PGP key is missing.
     35                            Fix error in nym creation.
     36                            Header lines can be edited when composing new
     37                               messages in the mail reader.
     38                            Accept empty pass phrase to allow storing the
     39                               nym database on an encrypted file system.
     40                            More verbose error messages.
     41                            Various minor bug fixes.
     42                            * Thanks to Gerd Beuster for many good suggestions!
     44 1999-09-22      2.9beta12  OpenSSL 0.9.3 or newer is now required.
     45                            For the Mixmaster DLL, allow the application to
     46                               seed the random number generator.
     48 1999-09-29      2.9beta13  Fix OpenPGP 3DES decryption.
     49                            Store DSA secret keys in PGP5 compatible format.
     50                            Support new "ekx" capability.
     51                            Use the more secure new style OpenPGP conventional
     52                               encryption to protect the nym database and nym
     53                               keys.
     55 1999-10-01      2.9beta14  Bug fix.
     57 1999-10-01      2.9beta15  Bug fix: create mixrand.bin in Mix directory.
     58                            Support "Encrypt-IDEA" directive.
     60 1999-10-11      2.9beta16  Fix memory leaks.
     62 1999-11-03      2.9beta17  Bug fix.
     63                            Sending messages is logged as DEBUGINFO.
     65 1999-11-09      2.9beta18  Bug fix for rlist with trailing spaces.
     66                            Print remailer reliability (by Gerd Beuster).
     68 1999-12-19      2.9beta19  (internal)
     70 1999-12-19      2.9beta20  Output remailer RSA keys separately from the
     71                              DSA/ElGamal keys to avoid problems with old
     72                              versions of PGP.
     73                            Messages in mail folders can be deleted. Nym
     74                              messages and other encrypted mail will be
     75                              written back as plain text (by Gerd Beuster).
     76                            SMTP bug fix.
     77                            Support multiple OpenPGP decryption subkeys.
     78                            Fix remailer bug with Newsgroups header in encrypted
     79                              T1 messages.
     80                            Fix MIME-decoding bug (pointed out by Gerd Beuster).
     81                            Nym creation bug fix (by Gerd Beuster).
     83 2000-03-09      2.9beta21  Support for PGP partial length packets (by
     84                              Christian Mock).
     86 2000-03-16      2.9beta22  Bug fixes (by Antonomasia) and minor changes.
     88 2000-06-29      2.9beta23  Bug fix for nym creation with several newsgroups
     89                              reply blocks (by Gerd Beuster).
     90                            --nym option bug fix (by Adam Back).
     92 2001-09-11      2.9beta24  Changed pool.c to allow Mixmaster keys to pass
     93                              even when binary blocking is enabled. Note that
     94                              the solution is not a nice one: It does not
     95                              recognize Mix keys, it simply allows 10 lines of
     96                              binary garbage instead of 3. This should be enough
     97                              for Mix keys to come through (by Peter Palfrader).
     98                            Fixed a bug in pgpdata.c affecting v3 OpenPGP keys.
     99                            (by Michael Young).
    101 2001-09-14      2.9beta25  Now builds with pcre3 (by Peter Palfrader).
    102                            Added support for destination.allow (by Peter
    103                              Palfrader).
    104                            If the sender email address or IP address matches
    105                              anything in source.blk, ignore the message (by
    106                              cmeclax).
    107                            Added support for the Mutt -T option (by Bill
    108                              O'Hanlon).
    109                            Patches merged (by Len Sassaman).
    111 2001-09-17      2.9beta30  Version renamed to avoid conflicts with other
    112                              unofficial releases.
    114 2001-09-19      2.9beta31  Fixed a bug in mime.c that sometimes resulted in
    115                              malformed text attachments (by Michael Young).
    116                            Better error handling (by Scott Renfro).
    117                            Added support for multiple dest.blk files. This
    118                              is needed for the Remailer Abuse Blocklist (by
    119                              Markus Stöger).
    120                            Added support for remailer-adminkey replies to
    121                              provide a better way for remops to distribute
    122                              their keys. (by Markus Stöger).
    123                            Fixed errors with pcre2.08 (by Rodney Thayer).
    124                            Added long command option --type-list for the -T
    125                              option, and updated help (by Len Sassaman).
    126                            Removed redundant "encoded" variable in mime.c.
    127                            Fixed Installer bugs.
    129 2001-11-06      2.9beta32  Client functionality updates.
    130                            POP sockets now properly close.
    131                            Memory may be freed without allocating.
    132                            Correct time is written to mbox.
    133                            Key flags correctly set in key.txt. (all by
    134                              Disastry).
    135                            OpenSSL and OpenBSD Install script issues
    136                              addressed.
    138 2001-12-16      2.9b33     Support for Mixmaster as a service on Windows
    139                              platforms added (by Disastry).
    140                            Problem transparently remixing to Type I remailers
    141                              debugged and corrected (by Andy Dustman,
    142                              Disastry, Senshi-Admin).
    143                            Fixed an error in chain.c that was causing
    144                              segfaults with chains greater than 20 remailers.
    145                            Non-multipart MIME message errors fixed.
    146                            Fixed an error in rfc822.c (by Scott Renfro).
    147                            Fixed pgpget.c errors. (by Ulf Möller).
    148                            No longer permits automatic blocking of entire
    149                              domains or newsgroups.
    150                            Help files re-written (by Lucky Green).
    151                            Fixed inconsistencies between software name and
    152                              package name.
    154 2002-07-01      2.9b34     Encrypt-to directive is now supported.
    155                            Partial packets now properly expire if not
    156                              reassembled (by cmeclax).
    157                            Fixed an address blocking error introduced in
    158                              the last version (Peter Palfrader).
    159                            Various command line bug fixes.
    161 2002-07-10      2.9b35     Updated zlib due to security reasons.
    162                            Does not generate keys in client mode.
    163                            Uses binary format for id.log.
    164                            Assorted mpgp fixes (by Disastry).
    165                            Added support for storing the key passphrase
    166                              in the mix.cfg file. (by Disastry).
    167                            Now reports the contents of dest.alw for
    168                              middleman remailers (by Kat).
    169                            Reworked the OpenSSL version check in the
    170                              Install script.
    172 2002-08-09      2.9b36     Removed duplicate define of NYMDB from menu.h.
    173                            Fix a strncat() to undefined string variable in
    174                              mix.c (Closes: #584381).
    175                            Have the Makefile list all prerequisites for each
    176                              build target (Closes: #584386).
    177                            Change »majordomo@*« to »majordomo@« in default
    178                              dest.blk. The dest block engine does not under-
    179                              stand shell globs. Either substring matches or
    180                              regexen.
    181                            Fixed -T switch: if type2.list is not available fall
    182                              back to pubring.mix.
    183                            USE_IDEA is no longer default in config.h. It always
    184                              gets defined by the Install script instead.
    185                            Only create OpenPGP RSA keys if we compiled with
    186                              IDEA.
    187                            Make all filenames configurable in mix.cfg.
    188                            Add global mix.cfg support (compile time option).
    189                            The -G option now forces creation of new keys even in
    190                              client mode (Closes: #585176).
    191                            Random Documentation updates.
    192                            Default to not installing a .forward file in Install
    193                              script.
    194                            Fix unused variable warning on OpenBSD.
    195                            Fix public remailer keys getting re-signed
    196                              every time keys are requested (Closes: #478383).
    197                            Make smtp sending similar to local /usr/lib/sendmail
    198                              sending (wrt header/body separation;
    199                              Closes: #482052).
    200                            Add X-Loop header on mailbox forwarded messages.
    201                            Several small fixes by Sami Farin et al.
    202                            Detach correctly in daemon mode.
    203                            Minor Install script fixes.
    205 2002-08-20      2.9b37     OpenPGP enhancement release (fixes by Disastry).
    206                            Fix a small bug in pgpdata.c that stopped Mixmaster
    207                              from reading cipher preferences.
    208                            Fixed Passphrase reading in mpgp (the test program)
    209                              on Windows platform.
    210                            Add Hash: header when clearsigning.
    211                            Properly handle RSA keys whose key size is not a
    212                              multiple of 64.
    213                            Remove leading zeros from MPI.
    214                            Use MDC packets whenever possible.
    215                            List CAST5 and AES128 in cipher preferences.
    216                            Now displays Mixmaster version in the PGP version
    217                              header for non remailer/nym messages.
    219 2002-09-11      2.9b38     Install script deals with lack of patented IDEA
    220                              algorithm in a sane way (closes: #479020).
    221                            Compiled-in passphrase is now deprecated.
    222                            When expiring packet ids from id.log also expire
    223                              packets that are dated more than half a year in
    224                              the future.  That way we get rid of invalid
    225                              packets introduced by the switch to a binary file.
    226                            The stats in remailer-stats replies always had a
    227                              peak at 00:00 GMT which was wrong. Fixed.
    228                              (closes: #597688).
    229                            Fixed a bug with reading armored keyrings consisting
    230                              of more than one armored block or having comments
    231                               in front of the one armored block.
    232                            In RSA PGP keys, we now set e=0x11.
    233                            Mixmaster now deletes error and temporary files
    234                              older than PACKETEXP time along with expired
    235                              partial packets.
    236                            Linux PPC fixes (and all other archs where char is
    237                              unsigned).
    239 2002-10-07      2.9b39     Added a new feature, --store-mail (-I), which will
    240                              deliver an encrypted mix packet to the message pool
    241                              without attempting being decrypted.
    242                            Made minor updates for WIN32 DLL.
    243                            When sending type II messages interactively you may
    244                              now choose a middleman remailer as the last hop
    245                              in your chain (closes: #481244).
    246                            If a footer.txt file exists its content will be
    247                              appended to outgoing messages leaving the remailer
    248                              network at this hop (closes: #490117).
    249                            List known remailers in remailer-conf reply (closes:
    250                              #480330).
    251                            The files created with "SENDMAIL outfile" have
    252                              different names now to scale beyond 10k files
    253                              (closes: #587593).
    254                            Fixed the "is a mailfolder" checking for -f.
    255                            Various fixes for Mixmaster when not using ncurses.
    256                            Added new option --config to allow loading of
    257                              configuration information from an alternate file.
    258                            POOL is now used correctly if set in mix.cfg.
    259                            ASCII armor checksum is now verified on PGP keys.
    260                            Corrected a bug where 1/4096 of pgp messages was
    261                              destroyed due an improper armor checksum
    262                              interpretation.
    263                            Added password-based authenticated SMTP for mix.
    264                              Currently, only AUTH LOGIN is supported.
    265                            Mixmaster now handles <CR><LF> in pubring.mix.
    266                            Removed incorrect NT service checks in mix.c.
    267                            Mixmaster now keeps no stats in client mode.
    268                            The pool is autmatically checked for waiting
    269                              messages in the client configuration.
    270                            Mixmaster now bears a DFSG-compliant license.
    271                            Fixed permissions on tarball release.
    272                            Documentation updates.
    274 2002-10-16      2.9b40     New option MAILIN that can be set to either a mbox
    275                              or Maildir folder. New mail will be read from it
    276                              and the folder cleared every time Mixmaster
    277                              processes its pool, or at MAILINTIME intervals
    278                              (closes: #597043).
    279                            The Mixmaster daemon now writes a pid file.
    280                            Mixmaster in daemon mode now catches SIGTERM and
    281                              SIGINT and finishes its current queue run and then
    282                              exits successfully.
    283                            Minor code formating cleanup and Install script
    284                              fixes.
    286 2002-12-15      2.9b41     The Mixmaster protocol version is now prepended
    287                              to the software version in the Mixmaster cap-
    288                              string.
    289                            Minor configuration default changes and Install
    290                              script fixes.
    291                            Install script now always uses "make" and not
    292                              "gmake".
    293                            IDEA detection is fixed on systems that provide
    294                              the header files but then turn out to not
    295                              have the required functions upon linking.
    296                            Install now properly identifies system-wide
    297                              installations of pcre and/or zlib if they
    298                              are installed in /usr/local/.
    299                            Mixmaster will now ensure that an address
    300                              submitted in a blocking request does not
    301                              match that of a known remailer before
    302                              adding it to the dest.blk file (patch
    303                              submitted by Trek. Vulnerability originally
    304                              discovered by noise and rabbi.)
    305                            Minor documentation fixes.
    307 2002-12-16      2.9b42     Minor documentation fixes.
    308                            Append another newline character to mbox folders
    309                              when storing a mail so that the mandatory empty
    310                              line is there.
    312 2002-12-16      2.9.0rc1   Release candidate. Packaging changes only.
    314 2002-12-25      2.9.0      Release version. Minor documentation changes
    315                              and version number change only.
    317 2003-11-08      2.9.1      Several changes for the Windows build.
    318                            Some Install script fixes.
    319                            Fixed a problem in blockrequest() where a buffer
    320                              could have been used after it was free()'d which
    321                              resulted in segfaults.
    322                            Check that feedback buffer is not null before
    323                              operating on it in chain_select().
    324                              Closes #631353, thanks Sami Farin.
    325                            Make sure DH/DSA param file is actually opened
    326                              before writing to it. Fixes a segfault in
    327                              case it is not.
    328                            Handle a pool we cannot read correctly: don't close
    329                              the NULL dir handle (segfaults on *BSD). We also
    330                              print a warning in that case now.
    331                            Minor stats fix (gmtime vs localtime).
    332                            Fix pool stats bug.
    334 2004-03-20      3.0b1      FEATURE ENHANCEMENTS:
    336                            The secret pgp keyring is now stored ASCII armored
    337                              with one key per ascii armor.
    338                            NB: Due to the bug with reading armored keyrings and
    339                              secring being stored armored now, it is not
    340                              advisable to downgrade Mixmaster unless special
    341                              action is taken to preserve the secret pgp
    342                              keyring.
    343                            Mixmaster now prompts for secret key passphrase when
    344                              started in daemon mode.
    345                            Mixmaster checks expiration and revocation status of
    346                              pgp keys, userids, and subkeys.
    347                            Mixmaster will not encrypt or sign with a revoked
    348                              or expired key.
    349                            When encrypting, Mixmaster uses preferences from
    350                              the primary userid (or the latest userid, if zero
    351                              or more than one primary userid is present.)
    352                            Mixmaster keys now have creation and expiration date.
    353                              It is not secured by any crypto voodoo, it's only
    354                              informational for clients to decide which keys to
    355                              use should they have more than one per remailer.
    356                              - on the client side we do not show remailers (and
    357                                therefore not use them) if their key is expired.
    358                              - the remailer refuses to decrypt messages to keys
    359                                that expired one month ago or earlier.
    360                              - the remailer automatically creates new Mixmaster
    361                                keys if the current ones are about to expire or
    362                                already are expired.
    363                              - the latest key from secring.mix is written to
    364                                key.txt. It used to be the first one. Since
    365                                creation of new mix key appends the key, this
    366                                seemed sensible.
    367                            Mixmaster now generates dummy messages automatically
    368                              as mail enters and exits the pool.
    369                            Applied Maildir feature patch by drt@un.bewaff.net,
    370                              with some changes by PP:
    371                              MAILBOX can now be a Maildir (closes: #586223).
    372                            New Star-Exclude feature by Colin Tuckley: 
    373                              User-selected remailers can be excluded from 
    374                              being chosen as random hops.
    375                            Have stats on intermediate vs. final hop count
    376                              (closes: #649900).
    377                            Add max capability for Type I.
    378                            Config option EXTFLAGS allows appending additional
    379                              flags to the capabilities string.  (Hauke Lampe)
    380                            Config option PRECEDENCE allows setting the
    381                              Precedence: header on all outgoing mail.
    382                              (Hauke Lampe)
    383                            In order to serve help files in different languages
    384                              we need a way to reply to requests like
    385                              remailer-help-it.  In order to not have to modify
    386                              the code for each and every new ressource,
    387                              Mixmaster now sends the file
    388                              requests/remailer-<something> to
    389                              remailer-<something> requests.
    390                              remailer-{help,key, stats,conf,adminkey} still are
    391                              special cases though.
    392                            Drop messages without timestamps and messages with
    393                              future timestamps.  This abandons backwards
    394                              compatibility with Mixmaster 2.0.3 and earlier.
    395                            Mixmaster attempts to detect system clock
    396                              misconfigurations and refuses to run as a
    397                              remailer if there is a problem suspected.
    398                              Only applies to Mixmaster in remailer mode.
    400                            BUG FIXES:
    402                            Mixmaster in daemon mode reloads configuration on
    403                              SIGHUP.
    404                            In the curses interface chain selection it was not
    405                              possible to select a random last hop with a usenet
    406                              post message.  Fixed (closes: #719165).
    407                            If remix was enabled and we had a Type-I Anon-Post-To
    408                              request we accidently randhoped it via the
    409                              configured default remailing chain (default:
    410                              *,*,*,*).
    411                              Fixed (closes: #729494).
    412                            In client mode (REMAIL n) the pool is flushed every
    413                              time mixmaster is run unless CLIENTAUTOFLUSH is
    414                              set to n.  (closes: #676794: Rate implementation
    415                              doubled)
    416                            Found that weird bug that sometimes led to "Unknown
    417                              remailer version!" errors: In chain_randfinal() we
    418                              selected a random value between 0 and maxrem
    419                              instead of 0 and maxrem - 1.  Mixmaster now uses
    420                              broken-chain info from stats.
    421                            Warn if remailer stats are older than a day or
    422                              from the future.
    423                            Don't send messages to ourselves via the mailsystem
    424                              but instead place them in the pool as incoming
    425                              messages so that they will get processed with the
    426                              next pool run.
    427                            No longer try to send a message if there are no
    428                              recipients left.
    429                            Set default max-randhops from 20 to 4.
    430                            Remix-To chain is limited by max-randhops limit as
    431                              well.
    432                            Messages to more than one remailer are dropped.
    433                            Nym support is not compiled in by default anymore.
    434                            The OpenPGP module mpgp now includes a man
    435                              page (large contributions by Trek).
    436                            Ignore 'No reliable remailers' problems when
    437                              randhopping messages in middleman mode.
    438                              That is better than dropping them.
    439                            Experimental feature:  --redirect -l <chain>.
    440                              If you have a mixmaster message with a
    441                              chain starting with hop1 (you cannot know any
    442                              more because it already is encrypted) then
    443                              mix --redirect -l foo,bar < file
    444                              redirect the message so the chain is actually
    445                              foo,bar,hop1,... and places it in your pool.
    446                              If the total number of hops (which cannot be
    447                              known) exceeds 20 the message is damanged
    448                              and will fail at the 20th node.
    450 2004-05-06      3.0b2
    451                            Use /dev/arandom instead of /dev/srandom on 
    452                              OpenBSD (Nikolay Sturm).
    453                            Fall back to 3DES as Encrypt-Key cipher if we don't
    454                              have IDEA. - Laurent Fousse <laurent@komite.net>
    455                            Also sort mail into the various mboxes if autoreply
    456                              is not set.
    457                            Properly ignore whitespace in chain selection.
    458                            Removed unused functions in keymgt.c.
    459                            Added new options -V, --version, and --about.
    460                            Made manpage corrections.
    461                            Minor ncurses display tweaks.
    462                            General improvements for Win32 support (by 
    463                              goblin and Peter Palfrader).
    464                            Preliminary Windows Installer work.
    465                            On Win32, default to Application Data/Mixmaster for
    466                              mixmaster's basedirectory.  This can still be
    467                              overridden by MIXPATH or the registry entry
    468                              HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mixmaster\MixDir
    469                            Introduced new option "(e)dit configuration 
    470                              file" in the main menu.
    471                            Changed 'q)uit' to 'q)uit w/o sending' in 
    472                              menusend.c.
    473                            Added stats downloading support. Currently 
    474                              works under Win32 only (by goblin).
    475                            Fixed bug in buffers.c.
    477 2006-06-24      3.0rc1
    478                            Prefer pubring.asc over secring.pgp.
    479                            Support an unpublished dest.alw file.
    480                            Added MINLAT directive. Ensures randhopped 
    481                              messages are sent through remailers of 
    482                              latency of MINLAT time or greater
    483                              (suggested by Steve Crook).
    484                            Improved OpenSSL version checking in the
    485                              Install script.
    486                            Added full stats download support.
    487                            Fixed buffer overflow bug in keymgt.c.
    489 2008-03-03     3.0
    490                            Changed name of WIN32 default config file
    491                              from mix.cfg.txt to mix.ini.
    492                            Changed pop3.cfg to pop3.ini on WIN32.
    493                            Updated Install script.
    494                            Minor documentation changes.
    498 Mixmaster maintainer history:
    500 1998-2000: Ulf Möller -- versions 2.9beta0 through 2.9beta22.
    501 2000: Johannes Kroeger -- version 2.9beta23.
    502 2001-2008: Len Sassaman -- versions 2.9beta24 through present.