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abuse.txt.in (4195B)

      1 Thank you for contacting the Abuse Complaint Administrator
      2 of the %RMN.
      4 We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you may have
      5 experienced as a result of inappropriate use of this system by a
      6 particular individual.
      8 The purpose of this anonymous remailer is to permit individuals
      9 including crime victims, domestic violence victims, persons in recovery,
     10 and others, such as those living under oppressive regimes, to
     11 communicate confidentially in a manner that ensures their privacy under
     12 even the most adverse conditions. Unfortunately, there will always be a
     13 very small percentage of individuals that choose to abuse the anonymity
     14 that this and similar systems worldwide afford to insult, harass, or
     15 send otherwise unwelcome email.
     17 The operator of this remailer does not condone such messages, or their
     18 content, in any way.  
     20 Just as the Post Office is unable to prevent abuse of the mail system as
     21 long as there are public mailboxes into which a person can drop a letter
     22 without including a return address, this remailer cannot preemptively
     23 prevent irresponsible individuals from using this system to send
     24 inappropriate messages. However, unlike the Post Office, this remailer
     25 enables you to assure that you will not be inconvenienced by users of
     26 this remailer in the future.
     27 =========================================================================
     29 How to block your email address from receiving email from the 
     30 %RMN:
     32 To block the users of this remailer from sending email to your address,
     33 please send a message to <%RMA>
     34 containing the line
     38 anywhere in the body text of the email.  You can simply reply to this
     39 message using your email program and send back this entire message for
     40 your current email address to be permanently blocked from users of the
     41 %RMN.
     43 If you wish to block additional email addresses that you may use from
     44 receiving email though this remailer, please reply to this email with a
     45 line similar to
     47 DESTINATION-BLOCK my_other_email_address@my_domain.com
     49 You must include one such line per email address that you wish to block.
     50 You can include more than one line in your reply.
     51 ==========================================================================
     53 How to block an entire domain from receiving email from the 
     54 %RMN:
     56 If you are the legitimate root administrator or postmaster of a domain,
     57 you may request that all email addresses served by you domain are
     58 blocked from receiving email from this remailer . To place this block,
     59 please send the following line as "root" or "postmaster" to
     60 <%RMA> in the body text of your email:
     62 DESTINATION-BLOCK @domain_to_be_blocked.com
     64 ==========================================================================
     65 Note that there are similar remailer systems in operation on the
     66 Internet that not affiliated with the %RMN.
     68 Since the administrator of this remailer has no influence on those other
     69 systems and is likely to be unaware of many of these other systems, a
     70 destination block that you may choose to request by replying to this
     71 email is only effective for the %RMN,
     72 not for similar systems that may exist on the Internet.
     74 ==========================================================================
     76 How to obtain the name of the sender of an email that you received
     77 though this remailer:
     79 This remailer uses the Mixmaster anonymous remailer software. The
     80 Mixmaster software has been carefully designed to withstand attack by
     81 even the most severe regimes in which torture is a common means of
     82 inquiry and basic human rights are nonexistent.  As such, it is
     83 impossible to determine the original sender of an email that has passed
     84 through this system.
     86 The administrator of this system is technically unable to determine the
     87 original sender of a message that has passed through this remailer, no
     88 matter how much the administrator may desire to do so, even if the
     89 administrator were ordered to do so by legal or extra-legal means. We
     90 regret any inconvenience this necessary safety protection may cause to
     91 some recipients of undesired emails.
     93 Remember: you can prevent future unwanted emails sent to you via this
     94 remailer by simply replying to this message.
     96 Sincerely,
     98 -- The %RMN Administrator