mixmaster 3.0 patched for libressl
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mix.hlp (1803B)

      1 This independent remailer uses the Mixmaster remailer software. It is
      2 highly recommended that you obtain a copy of the Mixmaster software to
      3 utilize this remailer. This particular remailer may offer other means of
      4 accessing the remailer service. If this remailer offers other means of
      5 accessing the remailer service, the means will be described later in
      6 this help file. However, only by using the Mixmaster client software
      7 will you assure the highest level of security against third-parties
      8 compromising your privacy.  How to obtain the Mixmaster software:
     10 Mixmaster source code for FreeBSD, Linux, other variants of UNIX, and
     11 Win32:
     13 If your operating system is a UNIX derivative, simply download and
     14 compile the client from the source code available at
     15 http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/mixmaster/
     17 Mixmaster clients binaries for Win32 (Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP)
     19 Win32 users may wish to try one of the GUI applications that interface with
     20 Mixmaster:
     21 Omnimix:		http://www.danner-net.de/om.htm
     22 Quicksilver:		http://www.quicksilvermail.net/
     23 Jack B. Nymble:		http://www.panta-rhei.eu.org/downloads/JBN/
     24 These are all developed independently of the main Mixmaster distribution. Please
     25 do not contact the Mixmaster development team or the Administrator of the
     26 %RMN with questions about this software.
     28 For more information about Mixmaster or to contribute to the development
     29 of Mixmaster, please see the following URL's:
     31 Official Mixmaster Project Site:
     32 http://sourceforge.net/projects/mixmaster/
     34 General Information about Remailers and Remailer "how-to" Guides:
     35 http://www.noreply.org/
     36 http://www.faqs.org/faqs/privacy/anon-server/
     37 http://www.andrebacard.com/remail.html
     38 http://www.freehaven.net/
     39 http://www.stack.nl/~galactus/remailers/
     41 Remailer Meta-Statistics:
     42 http://stats.mixmin.net
     44 					****