tor distributed announce mechanism (not a dht)
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ website itself. `stem` needs to be at least version `1.7.0`. To install everything else, go to the directory where go has downloaded tor-dam and run `make install` as root. -External software dependendies include `redis` and `tor`. You can +External software dependencies include `redis` and `tor`. You can retrieve them using your package manager. Tor has to be at least version `0.3`, to support V3 hidden services. @@ -50,3 +50,25 @@ to create hidden services and retrieve hidden service descriptors. Redis is our storage backend where information about nodes is held. Working configurations are provided in the `contrib` directory. + + +### Operation example(s) + +By default, ports 13010:13010,13011:13011,5000:5000 are mapped by +tor-dam. (see: tor-dam/pkg/damlib/config.go:48) + +To serve a basic echo server behind this, issue the following on the +recipient side: + +``` +nc -l 5000 +``` + +and the following on the sender's side: + +``` +echo 'HELLO' | torsocks nc <address.onion> 5000 +``` + +You can find the onion address either in redis, or in the `.dam` +directory.