Some projects I work on and/or are worth mentioning.

Diaspora Diaries

Diaspora Diaries is a platform where everyone with experience of living abroad can write down their story.


Tor Distributed Announce Mechanism is the protocol and tooling implementing discovery and announcement of nodes running the software in the Tor network.

Maemo Leste

Fremantle Porting Task Force. The effort to reverse-engineer and provide packages of Nokia's Maemo mobile operating system installable on devices and computers other than the Nokia N900.


heads is the libre privacy distro. It is loosely based around the concepts of Tails. Built upon Devuan as a base distribution.


Devuan's Simple Distro Kit. Based around a shell script library called libdevuansdk, wrappers are easy to code and create distro derivatives.


Devuan's apt repo merger. A tool used to stack deb-based repositories on top of each other while keeping priorities and banning packages.


The Privacy Hub for the Internet of Things. Awareness of the context of your network made easy.


The distro of choice for people that want Debian without systemd. On top of that, I maintain a build framework for a plethora of ARM devices.


use{ful,less} microservice to shorten links in an ephemeral way. First come first serve.