git-based zone management tool for static and dynamic domains
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added documentation on the install script

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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -16,7 +16,37 @@ gitzone-shell is similar to git-shell but it restricts the user to the zones repository and provides some additional commands for dynamic DNS updates & SSH key management. To use it the Z shell must be installed (zsh). -* Installation +* Installation (semi-automatic) + +Gitzone comes with a relatively simple script: gitzone-install +whose usage is self-descriptive: + + : # gitzone-install username [ ] + +First argument is a user on the machine which will be the user in the git url. + +Second argument is the first public ssh key which will have write permissions to change zones +(it is optional and can be added later) + +So first install bind9 (not covered by this documentation), +then create your user and then run the script with all the arguments in place. + +Then create /etc/bind/repos/${user}.conf and put inside: + +: zone "" { +: type master; +: notify yes; +: file "/var/cache/bind/$user/"; +: allow-transfer { transfer; }; +: }; + +Then restart the bind9 daemon. + +Gitzone can be installed on multiple users on the same machine, +this way there can be different admins (or groups of admins) +for different zones all on the same machine. + +* Installation (manual) - set PREFIX in Makefile and make sure the paths in the hooks are correct, then : # make install