Electrum server using libbitcoin as its backend
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Note about Makefile in Readme.

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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -64,15 +64,14 @@ in `obelisk/protocol.py` and `obelisk/zeromq.py`. `protocol.py` implements the ElectrumX protocol, and `zeromq.py` implements the libbitcoin side of things. -Before committing code, please run `./res/format_code.py` to format -the codebase to a certain code style. This scripts depends on `black` -and `yapf`. +Before committing code, please run `make format` to format the codebase +to a certain code style. This script depends on `black` and `yapf`. It is also recommended to run the test suite and see if anything fails: ``` -python3 tests +make test ``` You can chat about Obelisk on Freenode IRC, either `#electrum` or