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2019-07-08 15:55Update world_countries git submodule.parazyd0+0-0
2019-02-27 21:26Fix syntax bug in parsetime.parazyd1+2-1
2019-01-29 23:20Add pinterest verification meta.parazyd1+2-0
2019-01-27 20:03Add user link to /view if existing.parazyd2+8-1
2019-01-27 19:00Disable url_for.parazyd1+2-3
2019-01-27 17:34Update world_countries submodule.parazyd0+0-0
2019-01-27 17:32Add URL in readme.parazyd1+4-1
2019-01-27 16:59List also inactive users in /users.parazyd3+8-2
2019-01-27 16:54Add an about field in the stories database.parazyd4+16-8
2019-01-27 16:48Make run.py an if/else.parazyd1+2-2
2019-01-27 16:47Redact index text.parazyd2+29-23
2019-01-27 14:56Move the executable to a separate file and use bjoern for production.parazyd3+45-18
2019-01-27 14:03Default serve on localhost.parazyd1+1-1
2019-01-26 01:01Implement wishful semaphore safety.parazyd3+27-2
2019-01-24 22:34Add tooltip on email input in /write.parazyd1+2-1
2019-01-24 10:57Fix country listing in /following.parazyd2+5-5
2019-01-24 10:48Allow users to edit their own story.parazyd3+21-10
2019-01-24 10:14Separate success_write into two containers.parazyd1+9-4
2019-01-24 10:00Enable n years ago in parsetime.parazyd1+6-6
2019-01-24 09:59Fix some small typos.parazyd3+3-3
2019-01-23 18:19Minor cleanup.parazyd2+2-4
2019-01-23 18:03Add meta description to header.html.parazyd1+2-0
2019-01-23 15:55Update README.parazyd1+6-0
2019-01-23 15:54Add Makefile in flags directory for refreshing.parazyd1+4-0
2019-01-23 15:52Update world_countries submodule revision.parazyd0+0-0
2019-01-23 15:44Allow deleting shouts from own shoutbox.parazyd3+51-3
2019-01-23 15:17Fix list index bug in utils.py.parazyd1+2-2
2019-01-23 15:06Solve initial message issue.parazyd1+6-5
2019-01-23 14:35Add initial README.parazyd1+82-1
2019-01-23 14:23Linting.parazyd2+2-4
2019-01-23 14:08Style fixes in contact.html.parazyd1+3-2
2019-01-23 14:07Implement parsetime for better time printing.parazyd7+45-30
2019-01-23 13:33Don't double the messages if we're sending to ourself.parazyd1+3-0
2019-01-23 13:30Implement read/unread messages.parazyd3+20-5
2019-01-23 12:29Implement get_profile_from stories to reduce duplicated code.parazyd2+21-18
2019-01-23 12:24Indentation improvements in HTML templates.parazyd15+393-378
2019-01-23 11:38Implement shoutbox functionality.parazyd4+108-2
2019-01-23 10:49List countries on /following.parazyd2+11-2
2019-01-22 23:33Default debug to false.parazyd1+1-1
2019-01-22 23:33Add a route for viewing the users we are following.parazyd4+69-1
2019-01-22 22:53Simplify message sending.parazyd1+14-24
2019-01-22 22:34Implement user follow/unfollow.parazyd3+98-4
2019-01-22 16:29Make the initial user the administrator. Everyone following will not have admin caps.parazyd2+11-6
2019-01-22 16:29Add a configuration file to store variables.parazyd3+30-2
2019-01-22 16:15Add some wishful security and lint.parazyd2+45-36
2019-01-22 15:54Add border around modals.parazyd1+4-0
2019-01-22 15:33Simplify /profile route.parazyd1+5-10
2019-01-22 15:26Add a button for a user to change their password on their profile.parazyd1+5-0
2019-01-22 15:25Don't render fail on /profile when there are no visible stories.parazyd1+3-2
2019-01-22 15:16Don't <a> the delete link when submitting a story.parazyd1+4-3
2019-01-22 15:09Add a favicon.parazyd2+1-0
2019-01-22 15:01Add modals for deletion actions.parazyd2+46-3
2019-01-22 14:37Change wording in contact.html.parazyd1+1-1
2019-01-22 14:36List only visible stories in recent.parazyd1+1-1
2019-01-22 14:28Add free software notice in contact.html.parazyd1+6-0
2019-01-22 14:28Improvements to login and password changing.parazyd5+20-25
2019-01-22 00:08List recent stories on index.parazyd4+27-3
2019-01-21 23:49Add city input in edit.html.parazyd1+4-0
2019-01-21 23:42Add a bit of gradient transparency on the background.parazyd2+1-1
2019-01-21 23:38Implement changing of passwords.parazyd4+65-4
2019-01-21 23:38Fix bug where emails are not matched to profiles in gallery.parazyd2+6-4
2019-01-21 22:42Indentation fixes in diaspora.css.parazyd2+54-54
2019-01-21 22:39CSS tweak for navbar.parazyd2+5-0
2019-01-21 22:38Remove unused svgs.parazyd2+0-261
2019-01-21 22:02More html improvements.parazyd4+8-46
2019-01-21 21:54Add background design.parazyd4+21-4
2019-01-21 21:16Unify success_.html pages.parazyd6+21-70
2019-01-21 21:13Move <hr> style to css.parazyd16+27-22
2019-01-21 20:44Unify story card views.parazyd3+86-137
2019-01-21 20:22Add "active" class in nav.html when applicable.parazyd1+7-11
2019-01-21 14:46Use some try/except magic when creating/fetching messages.parazyd1+14-5
2019-01-21 14:45Notify the user about their password if an account is created.parazyd3+28-3
2019-01-21 14:45Add missing flags.parazyd2+2-0
2019-01-21 14:42Add contact route.parazyd4+44-1
2019-01-21 14:40Add a <hr> under a page title in the templates.parazyd13+14-5
2019-01-21 14:39Separate user deletion in its own function.parazyd2+10-3
2019-01-20 23:18Miscellaneous style and functionality improvements.parazyd3+40-27
2019-01-20 22:41Sort messages by newest.parazyd1+6-3
2019-01-20 22:41Style improvements to tables.parazyd2+9-5
2019-01-20 21:44HTML style improvements.parazyd3+26-24
2019-01-20 21:34Style fix.parazyd1+2-2
2019-01-20 21:31Move error templates to single file.parazyd8+30-113
2019-01-20 21:16Implement support for messages and apply linting.parazyd5+232-28
2019-01-20 21:12Linting db.py.parazyd1+12-12
2019-01-20 18:07Add sorting per country to dashboard.parazyd4+37-9
2019-01-20 17:45Add support for user list and profiles.parazyd7+134-37
2019-01-20 14:26Autofill some values if a user's logged in when writing a story.parazyd3+20-0
2019-01-20 14:10Add login/logout support via flask-login.parazyd10+280-8
2019-01-20 14:09Add a link to delete a story upon editing.parazyd4+11-5
2019-01-20 14:01Remove last_seen from users table.parazyd2+3-5
2019-01-19 20:51Try to avoid spambots.parazyd3+22-2
2019-01-19 20:42Remove Contact and add City.parazyd8+127-127
2019-01-16 22:13Add support for basic profiles.parazyd4+104-4
2019-01-16 21:44Replace TODO in utils.py with a note.parazyd1+2-1
2019-01-16 21:39Fix TODO where story_id is not in database.parazyd3+21-5
2019-01-16 21:25Add support for story abstracts.parazyd6+33-28
2019-01-16 20:43Style fixes.parazyd2+4-4
2019-01-16 20:35Add support for users.parazyd3+58-16
2019-01-16 20:11Be more informational in dashboard.parazyd2+6-2
2019-01-16 19:35Refactor into separate files.parazyd12+378-316
2019-01-16 16:02Add support for story deletions.parazyd4+85-4
2019-01-16 15:24Fix whitespace in summernote-cleaner.js.parazyd1+1-1
2019-01-16 15:23Add flags.parazyd253+502-2
2019-01-15 23:06Rename global i variable.parazyd1+2-2
2019-01-15 23:05Add basic dashboard functionality.parazyd6+270-10
2019-01-15 11:32Initial working code.parazyd18+1430-0
2019-01-15 11:32Add world_countries submodule.parazyd4+667-0